Wildflowers in Muggendorf / Lower Austria

The following pages offer a collection of wildflowers, mosses, ferns as well as mushrooms which can be found in and around the small village Muggendorf in Lower Austria.

Most of this site and especially the description of the flowers is in German. Nevertheless i hope you enjoy at least the photos.


Characteristic for the flora at the eastern border of the Alps in an area called "Gutensteiner Kalkvoralpen" is the crossing of different influences. Muggendorf is located at the western edge of the occurence of black-pine forests (Pinus niger), from the west alpine flowers find their way and from the east Pannonian flora is still present. A special forest type is Pine-Erica (Pinus sylvestris and Erica herbacea).


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There are 440 species and more than 778 pictures in the database. On the right you see a small selection of currently blooming flowers.

Some currently blooming flowers

Malva neglecta
Malva neglecta
Reseda lutea
Reseda lutea
Gelbe Resede
Pastinaca sativa
Pastinaca sativa
Gemeiner Pastinak
Chelidonium majus
Chelidonium majus
Großes Schöllkraut